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** Also see important Announcements below (including the Special Dragons assistants schedule), following the Events listing.

May 10, 2019 – Women's Self-Defense Seminar

Audubon studio (7:00 PM - 9:00 PM)

Free community event for women and girls—9th Grade and older. This program is designed to train you in safety awareness and introduce basic self-defense techniques. It is great for college-bound high school students!

Invite your friends, relatives, neighbors, and co-workers!

Please arrive 15 minutes early. NOTE: You must RSVP to attend.

May 11, 2019 – Region 8 Spring Championship

Oxford Area High School (8:00 AM)

Use the following link for all tournament information including online registration, schedule, and competitor information: Spring Championship

Volunteers are needed for judging, scorekeeping, timekeeping, security team, souvenir sales, set-up, clean-up, and other areas! Please be generous with your time and register as a volunteer.

The last day on which to receive a discount on the application fee is April 11. The final day of registration is April 25 (at 11:00 PM).

May 18, 2019 – Dojang Spring Cleaning

Audubon studio (8:15 AM)

Wear old clothes and come have fun cleaning your Dojang!

There will be no Saturday classes at the Audubon studio on this date.

May 31, 2019 - June 02, 2019 – Region 8 Youth Black Belt Camp

Camp Saginaw; Oxford, PA (4:00 PM)

Use the following link for detailed information, including a Registration link, Parent's Guide, Camp Schedule, and Counselor / Adult Volunteer information on the WTSDA Region 8 website: Black Belt Camp.

Adult Black Belts, please be generous with your time and register as a volunteer.

Camp attendance is required for all Cho Dan Bo and Black Belt students to maintain eligibility for promotion.

The last day on which to receive a discount on the application fee is April 25. The final day of registration is May 9 (at 11:00 PM).

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Policy for Time Away from Training
Master Vaughn has announced a change to the policy covering extended periods of time spent away from the dojang. To maintain the financial health of the studio, the courtesy of suspending tuition payments while students are away from the dojang is no longer an available practice. If students or parents have any questions about this change, please talk to your instructor.

Earn a Free Lifetime Membership!
Master Vaughn has announced an exciting opportunity for any student (including instructors) to earn a lifetime membership to Vaughn's Dojang! You can do this by earning 120 points during the 12 months beginning with April 2013. You earn 5 points for bringing in a new student for a 30-day trial membership. If the student signs a contract for a 1-year membership, then you earn another 5 points (10 points total for a student that signs a 1-year contract). Not only could you win a lifetime membership, but you'll be introducing someone to the amazing art of Tang Soo Do and you'll be helping our dojang grow. The flyer can be downloaded here: Lifetime Membership Flyer. Start recruiting new students today!

6-Month Special for Family Members
Special available for non-participating family members of currently enrolled students. Contact your instructor or Mrs. Winsko for details.

Special Dragons Assistants Schedule
All adult and youth Black Belts and Cho Dan Bos are reminded to check for the date(s) when they are assigned as an assistant instructor for the Special Dragons class. If you are not available on the assigned date, it is your responsibility to arrange for a substitute instructor. This is a unique and extremely rewarding experience for both you and the Special Dragons students. To download the schedule, right click on the following link and select "Save... As": Assistants Schedule.

Gup Testing Procedure
From the Vaughn's Dojang Test Committee: All students eligible for promotion to 6th Gup and above (including those training at the Phoenixville YMCA) are tested in front of a test panel at the Audubon studio on a bi-monthly basis. Test candidates should plan to arrive by 6:30 PM. Prior to the test, there will be a brief graduation ceremony for those students who tested for 9th, 8th and 7th Gup, as well as for Tiny Tigers and Little Dragons. This ceremony will last no more than 15-20 minutes, and will start promptly at 6:45, so please make sure your students who are to participate in the ceremony arrive by 6:30 PM. All students who are testing for 6th Gup and above should come prepared with all material, including weapons and boards. All will be required to attempt to break, and all testing for 1st Gup and above will need to know the first bong form. NOTE: Boards might not be available for purchase at the dojang on the night of the test; therefore, boards need to obtained well in advance of the test (*see your instructor for advice).

Important Reminder to All Black Belts and Black Belt Candidates
All Black Belts and Cho Dan Bo students need to download and read the following announcement from Master Vaughn regarding the essay requirement for testing. Right click on the following link and select "Save... As": Essay Requirement.

NOTE: Your essay must be completed in advance of your Black Belt Pre-Test (held during Maintenance Testing) to allow sufficient time for your instructor/mentor, a member of the Testing Committee, and Master Vaughn to review it and return it to you for corrections. If you are testing for E Dan or higher rank, the subject of your essay cannot be the 5 Codes, the 7 Tenets, or the 14 Attitude Requirements. The final corrected version of the essay is due at the time of the Pre-Test. Failure to submit your final essay at this time will result in you having to wait until the next test cycle before having the opportunity to be invited to participate in Black Belt testing.

Hapkido Program Open to All Students
The successful hapkido program at Vaughn’s Dojang is open to students of all ranks. White belts and above are strongly encouraged to broaden their martial arts skills by participating in this exciting new opportunity! In addition, advanced hapkido training with Do Ju Nim Ji, Han Jae is now open to ALL students—including Gup students (with a 50% discount available to youth students). Go to Students > Classes > Hapkido at the top of the page, or click here to learn more about the newly expanded hapkido program at Vaughn’s Dojang.

Visit the Vaughn’s Dojang Store
Located under Resources at the top of the page, or click here.

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